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I am so excited. I and my baby father were fighting each and every day. We had spent years desiring to get a child but in vain. I had troubles in conceiving. After realizing that I could not get pregnant, He started cheating on me with other women and whenever I talked about it he would fight me. Finally, he left me and went with another woman. He refused to support me and he couldn’t answer my calls. He even blocked me on Whatsapp and other social media. My life became so miserable. Luckily a caring old friend of mine took me to Saulat Khan (cell:+27780172883 who had also helped her in a similar situation. Saulat is specialized in solving marriage and relationship issues. So I decided to give it a try. Just within a few days after the prayers, my man came back home asking for forgiveness and soon after that I got pregnant. Now we have a bouncing baby boy. I am so excited. I thank you, my friends, for standing with me, you didn’t forsake me in my hardships. God bless you all. Many people are asking me for Dr. Saulat's number. Am giving it out here just in case you are having any problems in your life or marriage, or if your man is cheating or if he left you. Give it a try. Here is her contact:.+27780172883 You can WhatsApp or call him

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